Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding
I love Chia seeds! Chia seeds are mini powerhouses packing more calcium than milk, more antioxidants than blueberries, and more omega-3 than salmon.

Their texture can take a little getting used to, but they are very versatile and are a great protein-packed addition to many recipes because of their ability to thicken and gel.

Here is a recipe they you can make with the amazing homemade almond milk recipe I shared with you.

✔️2 cups home made almond milk or cashew milk
✔️½ cup chia seeds
✔️½ tsp vanilla extract, no need if you already added to almond milk
✔️¼ cup maple syrup or sweetener and amount of choice. If you use extra dates in the almond milk you can skip sweetener.
✔️1/2 drop  Young Living Cardamom Vitaly oil or Young Living Cinnamon Bark Vitality oil


➖Whisk all ingredients together
➖Pour mixture into a jar or glass container.
➖ Stir every now and then the first 10 minutes so that it sets evenly.
➖It will be set and ready to eat within 20 minutes!
➖ store in the refrigerator.

I prefer to make this at night to have ready for a fast breakfast the next day. It is also great to make in the morning for a delicious pre-made dessert at night.